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Go to Goodwill or a garage sale and get a table lamp or two for your desk. But you can buy a file box with a handle on it for about . Put a radio in your office, calendar, thermometer, plants and pictures. Then I set up the various leaves for different aspects of that subject..registration, car insurance, car repairs, car accessories. Then you can shut off the heat or cooling from your smart phone and turn it on when you are driving home. Figure out where the place is before hand and map quest it.

Occasionally you can find a used one that had some life in it, but usually they are pretty well shot. I set each one up for certain areas of my life: CAR, House, Computer. Have some sort of calendar to lay out your appointments and review it several times a week. Divide them up between health, work, spiritual, home, fun, etc.

This is about how a broke, single mom can improve her life thru new organization ideas. This could include diapers, something to eat, toilet paper, hand soap. Find a locksmith shop, not a Home Depot, and begin stopping by every few days, copying keys.

Think of what you have run out of in the last month causing you to run to the store at 10 pm. Add a fan and space heater and you are in business. You will need a 2 hole punch for the stuff going into the files.

You can buy it from Audible to play on your phone while you drive to work. Try to bring someone into your life to help you organize and then you help them.

Join Costco or Sams Club if you can afford it and start buying in bulk.

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It saves a trip and when things get tight, its one less thing to worry about. Carry jars of peanuts, etc and bottled water behind the passengers seat. It also gives you a record of when you bought stuff. For any amount of time that you put into planning, you will save ten times that amount of time. So if you can spend an hour every Sunday night planning your week, grocery list, to do list and such, then you should be able to save ten hours a week. Each Sunday night go to the grocery store and get the fixings for a Zen lunch. I load up at night, get up at 5 and start the washer, shift it to the dryer at 6 and remove it at 7. Just figure out a routine and get ahead of your laundry.

Buy extra canned good, paper goods, mouthwash, etc.

Get some formidable job all set out to do and go drink a bunch of expresso, go home and tear into it. Surely some of these ideas will cause things improve in your life.

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