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The deprivation quintiles were calculated using the Income domain scores from the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) from the following years: 2004, 20.

For males, European (AS) mortality rates increased by 4% between 1971-19-1980 and then decreased by 54% between 1978-19-2014.

More on projections methodology mortality rates are 170% higher for males living in the most deprived areas compared with the least deprived, and 176% higher for females.[1] Lung Cancer (C33-C44), European Age-Standardised Mortality Rates by Deprivation Quintile, England, 2007-2011 The estimated deprivation gradient in lung cancer mortality between people living in the most and least deprived areas in England has not changed in the period 2002-2011.

It has been estimated that there would have been around 9,900 fewer lung cancer deaths each year in England during 2007-2011 if all people experienced the same mortality rates as the least deprived.[1] Find out more about the counting and coding of this data Deprivation gradient for cancer mortality Deprivation gradient in lung cancer incidence Socio-economic variation in cancer mortality for Scotland Socio-economic variation in cancer mortality for Wales Socio-economic variation in cancer mortality for Northern Ireland Data is for: UK, 2007-2011, ICD-10 (C33-C44) Deprivation gradient statistics were calculated using mortality data for 2007-2011.

The largest decrease has been in females aged 25-49, where rates have decreased by 53% between 1971-19-2014.

Lung Cancer (C33-C34), European Age-Standardised Mortality Rates, By Age, Females, England and Wales, 1971-2014 Lung cancer mortality trends by age between 19 show the early stages of the patterns seen in the data from 1971 onwards: rates peaked and then started to fall in the youngest age groups first, with each subsequent age group then peaking and falling one after the other.[4-6] This reflects trends by age in smoking prevalence, and reliable cancer incidence data are not available pre-1970s so mortality data from the 1950s and 1960s is important evidence of the association between cigarette smoking trends and lung cancer trends.

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