Fender custom shop serial number dating

Fender Serial Numbers, 1950 to Present (Identifying the Year).

Serial numbers compiled from several sources including myself, Gruhn, and Duchossoir.

This system of serial numbers is unique to these three models until about the early summer of 1954 (when Fender switched to a universal neck plate serial number system for all models): Telecaster, Numbers On Bridge Plate 0001 to 0999 = 1950 to 1952 1000 to 5300 = 1952 to 1954Precision Basses 1951 to 1955 (number on bridgeplate). This system of serial numbers is unique to this model until about 1955 (even though Fender went to a universal neckplate serial number system on all instruments in 1954, some old style Precision Bass serialized bridges were still left over and used until 1955.)Pbass, Numbers on Bridge Plate 100 to 400 = 1951 to 1952 0001 to 0999 = 1952 to 1954 1000 to 2000 = 1953 to 1955 All Models, summer 1954 to mid 1976Serial number on neckplate.

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