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They quickly became inseparable, and I’ve never seen Cathy this happy.

However, now that the two are practically sewn together, every day that Cathy works, Mark tags along as well until he has to leave for his own job.

That was terrific.'Dame Judi met boyfriend David in 2010 when he asked her to open a red squirrel enclosure at the British Wildlife Centre near her Surrey home.

When my boss came back, we received a complaint from a regular patron about Cathy “sitting on Mark’s lap” behind the front desk.

We were able to get you special permission to have (son) here during the day, but that permission does not extend to including Mark and his son in that arrangement.” Frankly, she should also probably say, “If you continue to have Mark and his son join you when you’re attending to (son), it could jeopardize that arrangement entirely.” Because it should.

She was given a very generous set-up that most employers wouldn’t have agreed to, and now she’s abusing it.

You asked how the issue can be peacefully resolved.

But if your manager’s primary goal here is “don’t upset Cathy,” that’s not going to work.

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